Our „Unique-ator“

King of the Camera

He holds a degree in photography but is an artist, first and foremost. Since 1984, Horst Klement and his camera have been inseparable. At first, he specialized in Portrait and People, then was drawn into advertising. Since the foundation of Edition ONE-OFF, he has been our man at the shutter release. More precisely, he has been OUR MAN, period: Together with his assistants and always with a loving touch, he takes care of the sensitive maintenance and preparation process prior to the shootings. All on-set preparations including the time-consuming lighting need to be completed before the shot can be taken from a height of more than six meters. Within a fraction of a second, our HD camera triggers the capture of a unique XXL photograph then converted into a gallery-standard picture with an elegant shadow gap that you can proudly showcase on your residence’s walls, in your office or garage.

Edition ONE-OFF - Der Fotograf