Our Portfolio

Exclusive photo art in attractive formats

The exclusive ONE-OFF gallery picture package contains the unique XXL size piece (162 x 290 cm) as well as the picture in size S (38 x 68 cm). All pictures come equipped with a stable hanging device on the back and an elegant black shadow gap. Photos approved for release by our clients are being made available for sale via our online shop in formats S, M and L as well as art prints (posters).

Wandbild S (38 x 68 cm) mit Schattenfugenrahmen

Format S: 38 x 68 cm

The basic ONE-OFF package automatically includes our smallest format. Whether in the office or at home – your super sports car, your vintage car, your dream car cuts a fine figure no matter the surroundings.

Wandbild M mit Schattenfugenrahmen (60 x 107 cm)

Format M: 60 x 107 cm

ONE-OFF’s M format is available for purchase as an additional option to the basic ONE-OFF package. Given customer approval, M formats can also be purchased via the web shop.

Wandbild L mit Schattenfugenrahmen (81 x 144 cm)

Format L: 81 x 144 cm

A proper statement in size L, regardless of whether you choose to showcase it in portrait or landscape format: Featuring 144 cm in length, this gallery picture, which is also available in the shop, is a true eye-catcher.

Wandbild XXL (163 x 290 cm) mit Schattenfugenrahmen ONE-OFF

Format XXL: 163 x 290 cm

How about some mega-format exclusivity? A gallery-style ONE-OFF for your home, office or garage. Every XXL format comes with a free S format – and with an elegant black shadow gap.

Triptychon, 3x XXL-Wandbild – Maßstab ca. 1:1 (290 x 509 cm)

Triptych: Triple XXL Format

Looking for a true to scale depiction of your vehicle? Our triptych consisting of three XXL format elements delivers full-scale uniqueness. Just wow!

Kunstdruck (70 x 100 cm) als Poster

Art Print (Poster): 70 x 100 cm

Art for the (not-so-numerous) masses! Given clients’ approval, subjects can be made available as art prints via our web shop. All editions are limited to 100 copies each.